Rugged Bike Share

Simple & Rugged

After years of careful study of public bike share systems, we invented our own patent-pending, private bike share system that uses:

  1. Smart-key technology to keep things very simple and affordable, and
  2. Our proprietary industrial grade rugged bicycles.

How it Works


Check Out A Bike


Ride It Around


Check It Back In

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SmartKey Technology

RFID chip based communication
is embedded in the key fob.

Touch Screen Key Station

Easy interface with magnetic
swipe / proximity card options.

Round-Trip Design

Keeps operational costs to a minimum.

Industrial Grade Bikes

Proven technology with
10 years in the field.

Secure Parking Racks

Bikes are interlocked with racks
while parked at home location.

Branding Baskets

High Quality Visibility for
Corporate Messaging or Sponsorship

Real-Time Fleet Management

Cloud based system delivers instant feedback.

Admin Web Portal

Easy visibility of system metrics.