Frequently Asked Questions

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How long do the tires last before needing to be changed?

Several thousand miles, depending on a number of factors. A customer recently sent a picture of a Rugged Cycle tire after he rode over 3,230 miles (and a nail). That’s about 4 miles a day, every day for over two years and still not have to perform any tire maintenance. And it’s still ready to ride.

Also, Rugged Cycles were independently tested against rubber tires in the following categories: Abrasion, Compression Set, Ozone Resistance, Tear Resistance, and Compressive Strength. The conclusion of that test was “The overall static physical properties tests rate the solid-tire compound superior to the rubber tire compound.”

How much do Rugged Cycles cost?

Pricing varies according to models, options and systems. Please contact us for price information. You can call Joey at (979) 822-2453, or e-mail

Is there a minimum order amount?

No, we’re happy to accommodate fleets of all sizes.

Are there quantity discounts?

RuggedCycles are sold factory direct, and therefore cost 25% less than “retail” value. Additional discounts begin with orders of 100 or more.

Do you give bike shops a discount?

Not right away but contact us for more info.

Do Rugged Cycles have multiple gear settings?

Yes. Single-speed models have three gear ratio choices. Low gear ratio is 1.53:1. Medium gear ratio is 1.85:1. High gear ratio of 2.07:1. Ratio = # of crank rotations: # of wheel rotations. Medium gear is most popular and is recommended for most environments.

3-speed and 8-speed options are also available.

How much do the bikes weigh?

Depending on options, bikes weigh between 28-38 lbs.

How long is the warranty?

All Rugged Cycle parts are covered for 1 year from the date of delivery, and the drive shaft is covered for two years from the date of delivery.

What does the warranty cover?

Shipping and labor are not covered under warranty. Please consult your Rugged Cycle owner’s manual for more warranty information. If you need an owner’s manual please call (979) 822-2453, or e-mail and we will send you one ASAP.

How can we determine if my Rugged Cycle is still covered under warranty?

Each Rugged Cycle has a unique serial number etched into the frame. Serial numbers can be found on the underside of the frame in between the crank arms. We track each purchase and know which serial numbers are on the bikes you ordered, and when they were delivered. All we will need is the serial number to determine if your Rugged Cycle is still covered under warranty.

Will my Rugged Cycles be ready to ride upon arrival?

Yes, unless you requested shipping in boxes, your Rugged Cycles will arrive fully assembled and ready to ride.

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