Thanks to RuggedCycles, Texas A&M University’s alternative transportation system has grown to include borrow-a-bike, bike leasing, and now the largest fully automated university bike share system in America.

We pride ourselves in leading safety performance at our company, and the Rugged Cycles is the new tool we’ve added to eliminate unsafe tools from our site.

I found the bikes to be very comfortable and easy to pedal. I found the shaft drive very easy to pedal even on hills. I would strongly recommend each and every one give them a try.

Our 90 Rugged Cycles have not had one problem in 18 months. They are living up to their reputation.

The chainless drive, stainless steel frame & solid tires should drastically reduce the need for maintenance, keeping the overall price point in the neighborhood of what a university can afford.

More people want to ride the Rugged Cycles instead of drive.